Yoghurt with olive oil and fresh dill

Yoghurt with lemon and olive oil blend interestingly into a simple dip. True to the Italian kitchen tradition, a delicious dish depends upon the quality and choice of ingredients. Use yoghurt that is so thick, it stays on your spoon. Squeeze an organically grown lemon. Pick bright green dill. Look for a fruity yet mild extra virgin olive oil. Use a clove of fresh spring garlic. Select an especially good salt. The resulting combination of creamy citrus is a match for grilled or marinated vegetables – is made to be poured over lettuces as a salad dressing – and is meant to be served in a big bowl as a dip for breads.

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Sweet crumbly pastry crust

Pastry ballHappiness is to be found in baking from scratch. A crumbly pastry crust is made by mixing four simple ingredients. The following recipe uses minimal amounts of butter, sugar flour and  one egg. Thus there is no need for worries about enjoying the fruits of one’s labor.

Reading this recipe will take more time than making the crust itself. Shaping the dough into nice pleats is more fun than cutting the baking parchment to fit into the tart pan. Making more than one crust at a time is definitely worthwhile, as it requires little extra effort

I like to prepare pastry crust for sweet tarts first thing in the morning, with a clean kitchen table top and a fresh outlook on the progress of a new day.

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Rosemary and pink salt


A perfect kitchen is filled with cabinets and shelves where bottles and jars are gathered together containing those special ingredients that flavor the simplest of foods. In the category of cupboard essentials I will write about my favorite combinations of ingredients. The order in which I post notes on this subject will be according to personal preference. Rosemary is predominant in the Italian kitchen and decidedly my favorite herb.

Rosemary salt has a separate and different effect upon foods when combined than when used separately. While requiring a bit of time and effort to pick the leaves carefully from the stems, it keeps its flavor for at least two months. Choose a quiet moment at the kitchen table to make the following essential cupboard ingredient. Double the amount mentioned below if you have time.

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