Beautiful Food Special Edition: Homemade herbal salts

Part I.

Homemade herbal salts

Celtic sea salt tastes like the ocean, is pale green and moist in texture. Himalaya salt is pink in color, has a distinct mineral-like flavor and the grains are very hard. Fleur de sel and Maldon salt are light and flaky. Making herbal salts with them is simple since the salt grains are soft. Experiment with different kinds of salt combined with aromatic herbs, doubling or tripling the recipes below. Herbal salts keep well for months when kept in glass jars with a well-fitted lids. Continue reading

Merluzzo al forno con soffritto e pangrattato

Fish and Lemon

Fresh fish is most readily available on the weekend, which coincides with the most welcome moment to relax while cooking. A lazy Sunday is just the right time to chop and mix herbs, onions and garlic, in anticipation of oven-baked white fish served in the late afternoon. In the following recipe I utilize the Norwegian cod fish called skrei, in season January through April.  Skrei may be replaced with sea bass or any other commonly available fresh white fish. Merluzzo can be found at the fish markets of Italy.

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