A few notes of explanation

The original plan for my recipe writings was to post seasonal recipes, adding to each category on a weekly basis in alphabetical order, from top to bottom and back. My thoughts on filling the categories equally in intervals has evolved for a number of reasons.

First of all, the category of ‘My Mom’s Favorites’ is very important to me, and I want her entries to be completely accurate. This inspires lots of thinking and jotting down of notes. I am currently researching her hand-written recipe cards, arranging them chronologically. I have now decided to present my Mom’s favorites by putting them together in combinations of dishes which she liked to serve at dinners shared with family and friends. I hope not only to reflect her cooking style and generous personality, but also to weave the story of many memories, starting with our house in Caldogno. This category will be posted periodically as it is both beautiful and also very difficult for me to write about because I miss her so.

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The first post

I’ve written notebooks full of ideas and recipes all mixed together with thoughts concerning food and color combinations, plate arrangements, table settings, styling and food presentation. My notebooks form a history in themselves, tracing my work as a cook.

After procrastinating for a number of months, the perfect hazy Sunday morning has arrived to sit down at the kitchen table and write the introduction to my own kitchen diaries.

Cooking brings the senses alive. Substance, taste and smell come to the foreground. A chemistry of ingredients mingle as the kitchen becomes perfumed. All other activities fall into a backdrop as the elements of a meal come together.

This is my cooking journal. Ultimately it will form a book of notes on simple dishes and meals made from a cupboard of favorite ingredients.  My collection of recipes are primarily from the authentic Italian kitchen. Although not strictly vegetarian, I will highlight vegetables and herbs, and other beautiful elements to be found on the kitchen tables of my friends in Italy.

I prefer naturally grown produce as well as fresh and seasonal ingredients obtained from people who care about their products. My passion is for healthy food, free of artificial colors and preservatives. My quest is to document wonderful dishes that are as easy as pleasurable to make.

As my journal develops I will construct a library of special sources. My favorite place to buy food is at farmer’s markets, thus I will write about the special markets I know and my relationship to them.  In addition I will make a scrapbook of personal photographs.

Cooking inspires.  The content of this journal of recipe writings are inspired by mothers and daughters. First and foremost, I dedicate my work to my mother who taught me the love of cooking.

Saluti – Terri Salminen