Caldogno 1966

Haarlem, October 21, 2012

I’ve written notebooks full of ideas and recipes all mixed together with thoughts concerning food and color combinations, plate arrangements, table settings, styling and food presentation. My notebooks fill vintage suitcases, overflowing onto my bookshelves. They form a history in themselves — tracing my work as a cook — my fleeting interests and my never-ending questions about life and the kitchen.

After procrastinating for a several months, the perfect hazy Sunday morning has arrived to sit down at the kitchen table and write the introduction to my kitchen diaries. Cooking brings the senses alive. Substance, taste and smell come to the foreground. A chemistry of ingredients mingle as the kitchen becomes perfumed. All other activities fall into a backdrop as the elements of a meal come together.

This is my cooking journal. Ultimately it will form a book of notes on simple dishes and meals made from a cupboard of favorite ingredients.  My collection of recipes are primarily from the authentic Italian kitchen. Although not strictly vegetarian, I will highlight vegetables and herbs, and other beautiful elements to be found on the kitchen tables of my friends in Italy.

I prefer naturally grown produce as well as fresh and seasonal ingredients obtained from people who care about their products. My passion is for healthy food, free of artificial colors and preservatives. My quest is to document wonderful dishes that are as easy as pleasurable to make.

As my journal develops I plan to construct a library of special sources. My favorite place to buy food is at farmer’s markets, thus I will write about the special markets I know and my relationship to them.  In addition will be filled just like a scrapbook with odds and ends and personal photographs.

Cooking inspires.  The content of this journal of recipe writings are inspired by mothers and daughters. First and foremost, I dedicate my work to my mother who taught me the love of cooking.


Terri Salminen

3 responses

  1. Dearest Terri: So great to see that you are writing about cooking! My first interest in and awareness of great home-made food came from watching you cook in our antique kitchen in Austin. I have many detailed food memories of being your room mate: pesto, quail, and a wide variety of pasta dishes. In fact, I made one of your recipes (or at least my very tenuous memory of your recipe) last night–a pasta dish that has been one of my daughter’s favorites since she was little. I look forward to reading your culinary musings and do want to catch up with you sometime soon…

  2. How good to read your ‘work’ dear Terri! This will be your legacy 😉 Good for you…
    Keep up the good work and let me know if I can help you with anything.

    Lots of love, Ivo

  3. Dear Terri, So glad I stumbled accross this! I have a great photo of you and 2 year old Yente cooking in our kitchen in Haarlem. Your attitude towards cooking is inspiring and I still think of it often. Love from us all, Minke.

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