A Still Life of Primavera

It’s the time of abundance. When green leaves burst open, and glorious artichokes, peas, fave and asparagus make their way from the fields to local markets, from market crates to pantry shelves, and ultimately to the kitchen table. Did I forget to mention the wild garlic known as “aglio orsino” (translated from Italian meaning ‘bear’s garlic’)? If you go for a walk in the hills or even in your local park, you just might still find some, complete with beautiful white blossoms.

I’m in heaven in the kitchen at the moment, experimenting with new flavors and textures. Mostly I am feeling exhilarated and filled with new ideas brought about by a recent visit to the Veneto. This is truly the place I can call home, the place where my heart lives.

I promise to post a recipe soon for oven-baked white asparagus on top of smashed lemon and garlic new potatoes. This is a dish I created a few days ago, which still needs a bit more work on some specifics in preparation. Although this recipe just might be an innovation that not everyone in my extended family in the Veneto countryside will agree with . . . . . . asparagus are absolutely delicious when blanching or boiling is replaced with quick, warm oven heat!

Meanwhile I will take temporary leave from this diary, by posting an image I hope both captures and inspires a deep-rooted appreciation for simple, pure and fresh ingredients.